Imp Worm Blacklist: What Is It and How To Remove Yourself From It

What Is The Imp Worm Blacklist?

The Imp Worm Blacklist is a blacklist that contains IP Addresses that have been identified as spam.  Those identified as spam may have sent spam in bulk amounts or did not follow the CAN SPAM Act.  Most frequently, IP Addresses end up on the Imp Worm Blacklist because of malware invading a server and sending spam from it. 

How Do I Find Out If I Am On The Imp Worm Blacklist?

If your emails are bouncing or you sense something is not right with your deliverability, you may have been added to the Imp Worm Blacklist.  If you suspect you were added to the Imp Worm Blacklist, you may want to check on your Malware protection on your computer. As we mentioned above, most of them time users end up on the Imp Worm Blacklist because of cyber threats.  If you Google “Imp Worm Blacklist”, there are two options to check: “Check your URI Address” and “Check your IPv4 Address”. 

How Can I Remove Myself From the Imp Worm Blacklist ?

Luckily, the Imp Worm Blacklist allows requests to be removed.  According to their site, the procedure to request the be removed is as follows: 

  1. This removal process is only for email administrators

  2. The removal of your IP from the Imp Worm Blacklist is completely free.

  3. The lead time for removal requests is 48 hours

  4. There is no limit to how many requests you may submit

How Do I Reduce My Risk Of Getting Onto The Imp Worm Blacklist ?

The best way to avoid getting listed on a blacklist is to engage in proper email practices such as...

  • Verify all email addresses before attempting outreach

  • Avoid sending unnecessary emails

  • Avoid the use of spam words within your email drafts

  • Keep your sending volume to a minimum (30-50 a day if your inbox has been warmed up with us for at least 30 days)

Related Terms To Imp Worm Blacklist 

Blacklist: An online database that aggregates email addresses and domains that have been reported on multiple occasions to be sending out spam or malicious content to others on a large scale. These blacklists are used as a reference by mail servers in order to determine how safe it is to accept messages coming from unknown domains and addresses.

Malware: Viruses that are developed to attack your network and cause extensive damage while gaining your personal information. 


Malware Software: Protection against harmful viruses attempting to gain access to confidential information


CAN SPAM Act: A law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations

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