12 Best Email Warmup Services in 2022

Updated: Nov 23

Warming up your email account is the first step for improving your email deliverability.

It can improve your email reputation before you launch any of your email campaigns and therefore ensure that your emails will land right into the users' inboxes.

In order to warm up your email account, you need to use one of the email warmup services that can speed up the warmup process (so you won't have to do it all by yourself).

In this post, we will therefore take a look at the most popular email warmup services that you can use, check out their pros & cons as well as answer a few important questions about the warmup process such as:

email warmup services

What is an email warmup service?

The email warmup service improves your deliverability by preparing the email inbox for future campaigns.

Email warmup consists of various actions (e.g. sending emails, opening and replying to messages, etc.) that gradually “warm up” the email account so the spam filters will consider its emails trustworthy and reliable.

List of the best email warmup services(in 2022)

  1. Warmup Inbox

  2. Lemwarm

  3. Folderly

  4. InboxWarm (by OutreachBin)

  5. Warmbox

  6. Reply

  7. Woodpecker

  8. Warm Up Your Email

  9. AutoWarmer (by QuickMail)

  10. Mailreach

  11. GMass

  12. Mailwarm

1. Warmup Inbox

Warmup Inbox Tool

Warmup Inbox is an email warmup service that increases the deliverability of email campaigns and improves overall reputation of your email accounts over time.

The service can provide you a network of more than 20,000 real inboxes that your email account can utilize for the warmup process.

Warmup Inbox is pretty straightforward and easy to use - once you sync your email account with the platform, the service will start to interact and engage with your inbox.

This process includes tasks such as marking your emails as important, replying to them, pulling them out of the spam folder, etc.

Besides the warm up process, the Warmup Inbox offers many other useful features, such as:

  • Alerting you about any reputation issues

  • Monitoring the sender's reputation

  • Checking blacklists for your email account

  • Checking the spam rate of your messages

The setup of the email account is very easy - you can simply sync your inbox into the Warmup Inbox platform and the service will start to communicate with its network of real inboxes automatically.

Warmup Inbox works with all major email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, Yahoo!, and many others.

A very nice feature of this service is an excellent customer support. It consists of email specialists that can help you with any issue that you might encounter.

Warmup Inbox offers its services for a very fair price: only $12 per inbox / month (with an annual plan).

You can also try the free trial version for 7 days (no credit card needed).



Easy to use

Lack of AI content

Very affordable

Network of real inboxes

Free trial version

Great customer support

Detailed reports and monitoring

2. Lemwarm

Lemwarm is a well-established (though a little bit old-school) email warmup service - it was the first email warmup service that ever appeared in the market.

Lemwarm allows you to control the exact number of warmup emails that you would like to send from your inbox every day.

Once you set up your email account and start warming up your inbox, the service will automatically start sending emails on your behalf within its network of email accounts (and create replies generated by real users).

Lemwarm pricing starts at $25 / month / 1 inbox.



Network of real inboxes

Some limitations in the UI

Detailed warm-up reports

Easy to use

3. Folderly

Folderly is an AI-powered email deliverability service that can do for you more than just a standard warm-up process.

It uses machine-learning software that helps email accounts to interact with messages like real users would do - by creating and replying to emails with meaningful content, opening, marking, and interacting with emails, etc.

Besides the standard warm-up process, Folderly can also run huge email outreaches and email analyses for businesses that need more than just warmed up inboxes.

Unfortunately, this interesting service is quite costly: The pricing starts at $49 / month and can get higher for the more premium features.



Detailed reports

Quite expensive

AI-powered platform

Easy to use

4. InboxWarm

InboxWarm is an email warm up service that is part of OutreachBin's platform.

The service uses an advanced algorithms that ensure human-like interaction with messages within its peer-to-peer network of inboxes.

Once you connect your inbox to OutreachBin's network, the account will start gradually improving its reputation by communicating with other inboxes.

InboxWarm is very user-friendly platform and can be easily used even by absolute beginners.

Although the service claims that you can warm up your inbox in 2 weeks, it also recommends to keep warming up your account even after that period in order to maintain your email reputation high.

OutreachBin works with every major email provider - whether it is GSuite, Outlook, Amazon, SendGrid, etc.

The pricing of OutreachBin starts at $19.97 / month / 1 email account (with an annual plan).



Easy to use

No free trial

Works with all major email providers

Human-like email activity

5. Warmbox

Warmbox is a standalone warm-up service that can increase your reputation by automatically sending emails from your inbox and by interacting with them.

Similarly to other popular warm up services, Warmbox uses its private network of more than 35,000 inboxes that communicate with each other and gradually increases the email reputation of each account that is connected to it.

One of its special features is its GPT-3 AI algorithm for each inbox that helps to generate and send unique messages between each other (and therefore create natural conversations between inboxes).

It also provides detailed analytics and monitoring that can show you reports about your email reputation and overall warm-up progress.

Warmbox charges $15 / month / 50 emails created / day.



Blacklist monitoring

No free trial

Detailed reports

AI-powered content

Works with any major email provider

6. Reply

Reply is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that happens to also provide a simple warmup addon.

Reply’s Email Warm-Up service is based on a network of real inboxes that communicate with each other - it utilizes peer-to-peer sending without any free or temporary email accounts and therefore it makes the warm-up process safe and reliable.

With this network of inboxes, Reply can create a positive engagement by interacting with your messages - it opens and replies to your emails or marks them as important (which can gradually improve your reputation).

Unfortunately, this warmup service is available only for GSuite and Outlook.

Reply’s Email Warm-Up fee is $29 / month / 1 email inbox that can be billed monthly or annually (depending on your plan).



Network of real inboxes

Available only for GSuite and Outlook

14-day free trial

Detailed reports

7. Woodpecker

Woodpecker offers for its users a free warm-up service that is included in the subscription for its whole platform.

The setup for the warm-up process is pretty easy - all you need to do is to be connected to the service and turn on the warm-up process with just one click.

You can also choose whether you would like to warm up your whole domain or just one email inbox that you are planning to use for your email campaigns.

Woodpecker does exactly what you would expect from a proper warm up service - it automatically sends warm-up messages, pulls them out from the spam folder, marks them as important, etc.

Besides ramping up your reputation, you can also use Woodpecker to recover your email reputation if it starts decreasing or simply to keep your email deliverability high all the time.

Although the warm up service is free for Woodpecker users, the subscription itself for the platform starts at $40 / month (with an annual plan).



Part of the platform

Price for the whole service

Detailed reports

Easy to setup

8. Warm Up Your Email

Warm Up Your Email is a warm up service that was acquired by Mailshake in July 2021.

The service offers one unique feature that stands out from the rest of its competitors - Warm Up Your Email uses a team of real people that try to positively communicate with emails so your email reputation can improve more naturally.

It also provides a clear spam score for its users which indicates how often the emails ended up in the spam folder or how much has your account already “warmed up”.

The service can be connected to all major email clients (e.g. Gmail, Amazon, Mailgun, Outlook, etc.).

Warm Up Your Email is a paid service that starts at $29 / month / 1 account.



Real people interact with emails

A limited set of features

Detailed reports

9. AutoWarmer (by QuickMail)

AutoWarmer is a warm up service that is integrated into QuickMail’s email platform.

The service can improve the email reputation by creating positive engagement with your inbox - it auto-replies to your messages from its network of email inboxes, pulls the messages out of the spam folder, and slowly increases the reputation of your account.

A nice feature of the AutoWarmer is that it is capable of generating emails with business language that you would normally use on a daily basis.

AutoWarmer claims that it can improve your domain reputation within the first 1 - 2 weeks (as opposed to a regular warm-up process that may take between 3 to 4 weeks).

The service offers a free version for 50 inboxes per account (for Outlook, Gmail, and SMTP clients) and starts at $59 / month with 500 messages sent / inbox per day.




Not user-friendly

Detailed warm-up reports

Free version

10. Mailreach

Mailreach Tool

Mailreach is a standalone email warmup service that was designed by a French company in 2020.

The service is very straightforward and easy to use - once your account is set up and connected to Mailreach, it will automatically start replying and sending emails.

Besides the generic warm-up process, it also provides a few interesting features such as:

  • Checking your accounts in blacklists

  • Testing the messages and evaluating your spam score

  • Detailed email reports

A small downside (at least to some users) is that Mailreach email-replies are not generated by real people (so they might seem a little suspicious to ESPs in some situations).

On the other hand, this service comes with a reasonable price: it starts at $25 / email inbox.

You can also get custom pricing in case you would like to warm up a huge number of accounts simultaneously.



Detailed warm-up reports

Fake accounts in the network


Blacklists monitoring

11. GMass

GMass Tool

GMass is a platform that, among other interesting things, also offers a decent email warmup service.

GMass actually offers 8 useful products that are all heavily focused on Gmail (since the company wants to serve as an all-in-one solution for the Gmail provider).

With GMass, you can monitor the email reputation of your domain, check out statistics about your opening rate or even start a massive cold email campaigns.

However, this huge email conglomerate has its limits - since the GMass is all about Gmail, it might not work so well for users who need to warm up their accounts for other email providers.

Although the warmup service is free (for 50 emails sent per day), the price for all other 8 products starts at $19.95 / month (Standard plan) and can get up to $49,95 / month (Enterprise plan).



Interaction with real email accounts

Works only for Gmail

Detailed warm-up reports

8 email-specific services

12. Mailwarm

Mailwarm Tool

Mailwarm is a pretty easy and straightforward service to use: once you set up your account for the service, Mailwarm will simply start sending and replying to your messages and gradually warm up your email inbox.

One of the nice features of this service is that you can set up your own schedule for the warmup process and control when the accounts should automatically start sending and replying to your emails.

Besides the warmup schedule, Mailwarm also performs other actions within the account such as retrieving messages from the spam folder, marking them as “important” and opening up incoming emails.

Although Mailwarm is a pretty nice and neat warmup service, it can get a little bit pricy: The “Starter” plan for 1 account costs $69 / month, and for the 10 registered email accounts (in the “Scale plan") it can get up to $479 / month.




Very expensive

Personalized emails

Creating automatic engagement

Email warmup services - price comparison

Email Warmup Service


Warmup Inbox

$12 / month (annual plan)


$50 / month (annual plan)


$49 / month


$19.97 / month


$15 / month


$29.00 / month


$40 / month (annual plan)

Warm Up Your Email

$29.00 / month


Free (up to 50 inboxes per account)


$25 / month


Free (for 50 emails per day)


$69 / month (annual plan)

Why is an email warmup service important?

Email warm-up service saves a lot of time - it will gradually warm up your inboxes so you can use them for your email campaigns in the future.

Although you can warm up your account manually, it takes a lot of time and effort (since you would have to frequently use your email inboxes, send messages from them, and reply to emails on a daily basis).

Besides the warm-up process, it is important to understand that your email account won't stay “warmed up” forever - if the inbox stops being very active, it will gradually start losing its reputation.

Email warmup services solve both of these issues as they can automatically warm up your accounts and keep them constantly prepared for you.

How long should you use an email warmup service?

The short answer - you should be warming up your accounts constantly.

Email warmup is a never-ending process: in order to keep a positive email reputation, you need to keep your inboxes “warmed up” all the time.

Email reputation can be improved after a few weeks of using a proper warm up service, however, this reputation starts to decrease if your inbox becomes inactive.

Or in other words - the longer you let your account inactive, the more email reputation it will lose.