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Sender Reputation

An email/domain sender reputation is a general score given to inboxes/domains by Internet Server Providers (ISPs) to determine the health and safety of said domain/inbox. This score is then used by spam filters to determine how safe it is to communicate with a domain and if there is a history of spam mail being sent from its mail server. If a domain/email reputation falls below a certain threshold, an ISP can essentially render a domain as being ‘dead’, meaning that all outgoing mail coming from this mail server is automatically sent to a recipients spam folder. Let's explore why this score is so important as well as some common reasons why your email/domain reputation may be low and how to correct it.

Why Is Your Sender Reputation Important?

Having a positive sender reputation is critically important for a variety of reasons, as this metric is used by mail servers to determine how trustworthy mail is coming from your domain. Maintaining a high sender reputation will also ensure that all your outgoing mail will reach the primary inbox of your recipients, as well as make it much less likely for strict spam filters to out right block or divert your mail.

What Causes My Sender Reputation To Be Low?

A domain or inbox’s sender score can be low for a wide variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons why a score can be low is due to the following.

  • Having a high amount of complaints regarding mail

  • Having a high bounce rate

  • Triggering spam traps

These situations can occur throughout a normal outreach campaign and are difficult to completely avoid due to the nature of sending out cold emails, but as long as you properly verify all emails you attempt to reach out too and ensure that all outgoing emails are properly composed, your domain reputation should slowly bounce back to a positive rating.

How Can I Raise My Sender Reputation?

The process of raising your sender reputation takes time and planning, but thankfully having a low sender reputation isn’t a death sentence for your domain. Some of the basic ways of ensuring that your sender reputation is as high as possible is to…

  • Ensure you have all the proper security settings under your domain (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)

  • Always be warming up your inbox

  • Verify all emails before attempting to contact them

  • Keep track of your sender score and blacklist count on your dashboard.

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