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If you have any questions, suggestions, partnership proposals, or you just want to say "hi!", you can contact us through a chat widget in the lower right corner or at:

Who's behind Warmup Inbox?

Warmup Inbox is part of Itrinity portfolio that consists of fast-growing tech companies with millions of users across the globe. The portfolio includes:


  • UptimeRobot - the world's leading uptime monitoring service

  • Mangools - a well-established and beloved SEO toolset

  • EmailListVerify - a popular email verification service

To learn more, check out Itrinity's About page. Warmup Inbox was originally founded by Mike Benson (currently CEO of Mailstand).


If you would like to become a part of the team, make sure to visit our Careers page.

Invoicing details​

WarmUpInbox s.r.o.

Žatecká 55/14
110 00 Prague, Czech Republic
ICO: 11923521
VAT ID: CZ11923521

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