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Free Email Spam Checker & Inbox Placement Tester

Find out where your emails are landing

Check the inbox placement of your emails

Ensure that your emails won't land in the spam or promotions tab.


Our free email spam checker will automatically test your emails across leading email providers such as Google, Outlook, and others.

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Uncover your spam score & gain valuable insights

Check where your emails have landed, receive your spam score, and get actionable recommendations on how to improve your email strategy.

Enhance your emails & boost your deliverability

With unbiased and comprehensive test results, our email spam checker can help you increase the open rates and replies of your emails, and boost your overall email deliverability.

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Why use our email spam tester?


Easy to use

The tool is very user-friendly and straightforward. You can test your email and check where it landed with just a few clicks.

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Inbox variety

Our email spam checker automatically tests your emails across a wide range of inboxes from various email providers. 

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Our tool is 100% free.

You can try and test multiple emails and check their spam score and inbox placement whenever you need it. 

Frequently asked questions

What is an email spam checker?

Email spam checker is a simple online tool that can help you test your emails before you actually send them to your prospects. The tool will check the spam score and inbox placement of your emails across multiple leading email provider.

How does an email spam checker work?

The email spam test is pretty easy and straightforward - simply insert our special code into your  email, send it to our testing email addresses, and check your spam score. The tool will then show you the test results along with useful recommendations on how to improve your deliverability rate.


What is a spam score?


The spam score evaluates the percentage of emails that landed in the recipients' primary inboxes on a scale from 0 to 100.

Is the email spam checker free?

Yes, our email spam checker is completely free. You can test multiple email copies whenever you need it with just a few clicks. 

How to improve an email spam test score? 


With comprehensive test results from our email spam checker, you can start improving your email deliverability rate by maintaining a positive IP and domain reputation of your email account, monitoring email blacklists as well as properly warming up your email account with our Warmup Inbox tool. 

No credit card needed!

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