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Free Email Spam Words Checker

Test your email content and identify its weaknesses

How to use our spam word checker

Our free spam-word checker can analyze your email template, detect spammy keywords or shady phrases in its content, and provide useful suggestions that will help you avoid spam filters. 

Step 1: Paste your email message

Simply copy & paste your email template into our tool and hit the “Check template” button. 

Our spam word checker will then analyze and evaluate your copy based on numerous factors (e.g. number of spammy words and links, reading time, personalization, etc.). 

Step 2: Improve your copy

Once you identify the weaknesses in your template, you can eliminate any spammy words in the message, improve the quality of the copy, and boost the overall performance of your email. 

Step 3: Check your spam score

With a perfectly crafted template, you can also test your email account with our free inbox placement checker to ensure that your emails won't land in the spam folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an email spam words checker?

An email spam word checker is an online tool that identifies spammy keywords in your template that would trigger spam filters. 

By checking email for spam words, you will increase the chance that your messages will land directly into recipients' primary inboxes (and not into spam or promotion tabs).

2. Is the email spam words checker free?

Yes, our email spam word checker is completely free to use. You can check your templates for spammy keywords anytime you want without any restrictions. 

3. Why is spam word checker important?

Using our spam words checker will help you understand the weaknesses of your email template and improve its quality before you send it to real users. 

With a perfectly designed email template, you can boost the deliverability of your messages, avoid spam filters, and enhance the overall performance of your email campaigns altogether. 

4. How does an email spam checker work?

Our spam-word checker is pretty straightforward - simply copy and paste your email message into the tool and hit the “Check template” button

The tool will then analyze your email copy and evaluate its quality based on various factors such as the number of spammy words, subject length, reading time, number of links, etc. 

5. What are spam words?

Spam words are shady keywords or phrases (such as “buy now”, “additional income”, “FREE MONEY”, etc.) that may trigger spam filters and increase the chance that your emails will end up in the spam folder

6. How to improve your overall spam score? 

Email Service Providers (ESPs) evaluate emails and inboxes based on many signals such as the quality and reliability of the message, the reputation of your email account, the number of emails sent, email authentication, etc. 

Because of factors like these, it is crucial to always check and evaluate your email templates with our free email spam word checker as well as with our inbox placement tester

In addition to that, you should always properly warm up your email account before sending emails to your prospects. 

Unlock a remarkable 60% increase in deliverability by keeping your emails clear from spam classification!

Enhance the deliverability of your cold outreach emails by including them in the email warm-up process.

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