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Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered all the frequently asked questions regarding email warmup and Warmup Inbox in one place, so that you can find the answers easily. 

Email warmup

What does it mean to warm up an inbox?


Email warmup is a process of preparing a new (or long-inactive) email account for future email outreach, campaigns, etc. It is especially useful for cold email inboxes that usually suffer from lower deliverability rates due to the character of the emails they send. 


Why do I need to warm up my inbox?

Over time, all cold email inboxes inevitably suffer from deliverability issues. A well-administered email warmup will reverse this process and help you maintain and improve your deliverability and reputation. 

Who should be warming up their inbox?

Anyone who is actively sending any kind of cold emails. From marketing teams to lead generation and sales departments, from recruiters to outreach specialists.


How long should I be warming up my inbox?

The longer you keep warming up, the more reputable your inbox becomes over time. So we recommend keeping your inbox synced up to our platform for as long as you are actively using your inbox.

How does it work?

How does Warmup Inbox work?


The whole process is quite simple. You connect your inbox to our platform and we’ll interact with it in a way that has a positive impact on your deliverability (by replying to your emails, marking them as important, taking them out of a spam folder, etc.).

Besides, we are continuously monitoring your overall email health to make sure you spot any issues as soon as they emerge.

What email providers do you support?


We support integrations with all major email providers. You can check out our Integrations page to see the full list. 

How do I connect my inbox to your platform?

Connecting your inbox to our platform is a simple process that will probably take you less than a minute. You'll find some detailed step-by-steo guides in our Help Center and of course, we are always happy to assist you through email or a live chat.

How many inboxes are in your network?


At any point in time, we have a minimum of 15,000+ active inboxes in order to ensure that everyone who syncs a new email address to our platform will have enough reputable inboxes to interact with for the lifetime of their subscription.

Will my inbox be flooded with your emails?

No. You can simply filter all our email messages so that they are automatically archived. This will take you a couple of seconds (and of course, we are always happy to help you).

How will I know when my inbox is fully warmed?

To maintain high deliverability rates, we strongly recommend that you keep your inbox synchronized with our platform for as long as the inbox is in use.

Pricing and billing

How much is Warmup Inbox?


We have the most straightforward pricing among all the warm tools: $19 per inbox, per month or $15 per inbox, when paid annually. For more information, make sure to check out our Pricing page.


Do you have a free trial?

Yes, you can use our service for free for 7 days - no credit card needed! 

Is there a limit to the number of inboxes I can sync?

Not at all! Each Inbox you sync with our platform will cost from $19/month. You are only limited by the amount of inboxes you wish to have warmed.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime in your dashboard. The subscription will be active till the end of your prepaid period and expire. 

Other questions

Why should I choose Warmup Inbox over your competition?


Warmup Inbox was one of the first companies on the market to offer this kind of service. So we’ve been in the business for some time and we have a lot of experience and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

The main benefits that distinguish us from the competition are:

  • The simplicity of the platform

  • A network of real inboxes used by real people

  • Fair and straightforward pricing

Can you really improve my deliverability?

Yes! Warmup Inbox will help to reverse the poor reputation of any inbox and slowly build it back up to a positive reputation over an extended period of time.

 The amount of time this can take will vary depending on the domain, but in general, our service can help to resurrect domains that may seem dead :)

I’m an email warmup newbie. Can you help me to learn more?


Absolutely. There are plenty of resources on our Blog and we’re always working on new guides, how-to’s, and tips for you.

We’d recommend starting with these guides:



And of course, our support agents are available to answer any questions through live chat or email

Do you have an affiliate program?


Yes, we do. You can find out more about it on our Affiliate Program page.


How can I contact you?

We are always happy to help you through our live chat or email

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