How Does Warmup Inbox Work?

Warming up your inbox consistently helps drive deliverability over the lifetime of an inbox.

What Does Warming Up An Inbox Mean?

The process of preparing an email address for general use or email outreach is commonly referred to as “Warming Up” an inbox, where you take a number of steps to ensure that an email address does not become deactivated, blacklisted, or automatically marked as spam when it begins to send outgoing messages to other recipients. This process is typically done with newly created email addresses but also benefits older email addresses who have been having issues with email deliverability, in that a noticeable portion of their outgoing mail is either landing in a spam folder or blocked entirely by an email server due to either being blacklisted or associated with a domain that has a poor reputation.

Warming Up an email inbox essentially is recreating the way a typical person will use an email address. Just by using your email address normally, you are ‘warming up’ your inbox by sending outgoing mail to other existing users. When you are reading your emails, starring/favoriting certain messages, and engaging in email threads with multiple other email addresses, you are building up your domain reputation in a way that shows that your account is being controlled by a real human being and is not being used to send out unsolicited emails that are trying to mislead/scam/defraud any other real people using their email inbox.

How It Works

So if using an email address normally “Warms It Up”, why do we exist? To put it in simple terms, we figured out a way to automate the process of warming up an email address so that you do not need to manually use an inbox in order to ensure that it is ready for general use or email outreach. On the end of the user, all you have to do is sync your email address with our platform and set a few settings in order to automate the warmup process, but behind the scenes there is a lot of technology and processes occurring to simulate general use within the inbox you have synched.

So how do we automate this process specifically? It’s actually quite simple and straightforward. When an inbox is synched up with our platform, we simply send out emails on behalf of your address to other users of Warmup Inbox. These outgoing emails we send out will be replied to, be read, engage in threaded discussions, as well as be favorited and marked accordingly in order to simulate real human interaction. These types of engagements will occur every day at a set pace (determined by the user when they sync their account), and slowly increment the total amount of mail and interengagement each day until it reaches a set maximum. Once this maximum threshold is reached, Warmup Inbox will maintain this engagement for as long as you stay synchronized to our platform.

1. We Flood Your Inbox With Good Emails

Image 2020-12-05 at 6.53.52 PM.png

2. We Automatically Build & Send Smart Dynamic Content Within Each Email

Image 2020-12-05 at 6.57.50 PM.png

3. We Automatically Pull Your Emails Out Of The Spam Folder

Nobody wants their emails to be sent directly to a recipients spam folder. That is why Warmup Inbox will automatically identify all emails that are not reaching their intended destination while warming and move them to the primary inbox of the recipient and correctly flag them as being valid mail.

The reason why this is critical is due to the manner in which spam filters classify spam. There are multiple factors at play when these systems are attempting to identify good emails from bad emails. Even if everything is set up perfectly with your domain and inbox, a mail server can still misclassify your outreach. Over time these misclassifications will damage your domain reputation as well as the overall health of your inbox, which is why we will retrieve these misclassified emails and correctly flag them as being valid and important to clarify to ISPs and spam filters that this is not spam.

4. We Constantly Check Your Domain For Blacklists

With Warmup Inbox, every inbox synched to our platform gets checked hourly against all major blacklist used by spam filters in order to determine if your associated domain is present on one. Being included on a blacklist will destroy your deliverability rates, which is why we are constantly monitoring them so that you are aware the moment your domain gets added to one.

5. Our Platform Gives You A Live Performance Tracker.

Keeping track of the health and ongoing progress of your inbox is critical to maintain high deliverability rates. That is why our platform will give you a real time score displaying the health of your inbox. This score is determined by a number of factors and is rated on a scale of 0/10 to 10/10. Some of the criteria used for determining this health score are...

  • The DNS settings of your domain

  • The presence of proper security protocols (DKIM, SPF, DMARC)

  • If your domain is present on any blacklists

  • Your domains ISP reputation

Why Should I Do This?

Utilizing Warmup Inbox will automatically increase your Email Deliverability rates as well as increase your domain reputation and decrease the likelihood of your inbox and domain being added to any blacklists or deactivated for suspicion of spam. All you need to do as a user is sync your inbox and we handle the rest.

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