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Looking for a Lemwarm alternative? Meet Warmup Inbox!

Thousands of users trust that Warmup Inbox is easier to use, has more flexibility, and comes with more features compared to Lemwarm. Let’s explore why.

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WarmupInbox is one of the best alternatives to With WarmupInbox, you get access to more features for less money.

Why you'll love Warmup Inbox

Let's start with the basics. With Warmup Inbox, you'll get more emails for less...

Unlike other multi-purpose services, we only focus on email warmup and inbox health checking. This allows us to deliver a very affordable alternative to Lemwarm and other services.


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Warmup emails / day







Get more than 50 warmup emails per day

One considerable limit of Lemwarm is that you cannot send more than 40 warmup emails per day. This is an issue if you want to run large-scale email outreach.

We recommend that your email outreach volume account for 10% to 50% of warmup email volume.

With 40 warmup emails per day, you should not exceed more than 20 outreach emails per day.

network of inboxes.png

Network of inboxes used
by real people

Unlike other services, we don't use fake inboxes but a peer-to-peer system that ensures our network consists of inboxes used by real people.

Professional support always ready to help

Our support specialists are experts in the email warmup field. We are always ready to help, give advice or solve any issues you might face.

professional support.png
dashboard and reports.png

Email health check dashboard and reports

Besides warming up your inbox, we also provide advanced reputation stats and suggestions to keep your inbox in good condition. 

FAQ about lemwarm

How does Lemwarm work?

Lemwarm functions similarly to WarmupInbox. Lemwarm users send emails to each other's inboxes to stimulate inbox activity and, in turn, boost email deliverability.

How long to use Lemwarm?

Email warmup requires 3 to 4 weeks to yield results. However, to get the most out of your cold outreach campaigns, we recommend continuously warming up your inbox. Check out our case study with Mangools for more information on the topic.

How many emails does Lemwarm send?

Lemwarm sends up to 40 warmup emails per day. If you are looking for a higher volume of emails, we recommend using WarmupInbox.

What is Lemwarm pricing?

Lemwarm pricing starts at $29 per month. You can also use Lemwarm as part of a Lemlist subscription which costs $69 monthly.

Integrations with all major email service providers

We integrate with all the major ESPs like Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho, Sendgrid, Sendinblue, Mailgun and many many others!


What customers say


Max L.

Business Development Executive

“A great warm-up tool for an affordable budget.”

A great UI comparing with the price and how the system works makes it the best warm-up tool I've ever used. JFYI, I've been using warmup inbox for ~1,5 years already and pretty satisfied with its performance.

By the way, a support team also works great, and typically they respond within several hours.


Mike B.

Founder & CEO

“Great and affordable!”

I've been using to warmup all of our company emails and it works great and is the most affordable option that i've found. Support is great and responds quickly if you ever have any issues or need help. Highly reccomend.


“Great tool and great after sales service.”

Really like Warmup Inbox. Easy to Use, great deliverability and great after sales service.

Etienne D.


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No credit card needed!

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