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How Warmup Inbox Saved Black Friday | Mangools Case Study

If you're conducting an email marketing campaign, it's essential to warm up your IP and domain before sending out any emails.

Our Customer:      Mangools


Mangools is a powerful SEO toolkit that helps you build your online presence with 5 distinct services designed to help both small and large businesses.


Mangools owes its popularity to the fact that it is easy to use, intuitive, and has capabilities that cover all aspects of SEO – keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and SERP analysis.


Mangools had a huge challenge during their 2022 Black Friday campaign. With over 3 million emails to send out in a limited timeframe, they hit a major roadblock - their IP wasn't adequately warmed up, causing half of the emails to end up in the spam folder instead of their customers' inboxes.


The result? A major decrease in the campaign's success rate, which was a tough pill for the company to swallow. But they didn't let this setback defeat them. In fact, they took this as a valuable lesson and decided to take a more proactive approach to IP warmup before launching future email campaigns.

✅Solution: Properly Warmed Up IPs

The team at Mangools realized that if they wanted to keep their emails from being flagged as spam and reaching their prospects' inboxes, they needed a better solution.


With Warmup Inbox, they created three new dedicated IPs and two shared IPs with new subdomains and started the warmup process.


In just two short weeks, Mangools saw some fantastic improvements in the performance of their email marketing campaigns!  


The open rates of their emails jumped from a low 1% to an impressive 32%, while the click rates also skyrocketed from a mere 0.16% to a remarkable 7.55%.


The spam rates, a major concern for Mangools, dropped from an alarmingly high 63% to a much more manageable 19%! But that's not all - the results of Mangools' Black Friday campaign were also highly satisfactory, with the company achieving an impressive 95% of their KPIs.

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Customer Feedback

Mangools learned that spam filters don’t care how large your company is, how important your emails are, or what you’re trying to communicate with your customers. Without a proper plan, your email campaign can easily go down in flames if you’re not careful.

“Most marketers start their email campaigns by deciding what to tell their subscribers/users or which offer to make. But this experience has taught me that the first step should always be to decide on campaign goals. But then you should start with a warmup process of at least 2-4 weeks before the campaign (depending on how large your list is).”

Nikolina Zeljko, Email Specialist at Mangools.


Mangools came out of the Black Friday madness on top thanks to the help of Warmup Inbox, and they remain a satisfied customer. Mangools hopes that in 2023, Black Friday will be even more profitable than every year before, with higher conversion rates, lower spam rates, and happy clients all across the globe.

Do you have some upcoming email campaigns that need a warmup? Don't make the same mistake!

No credit card needed!

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