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Best Email Scraping Tools in 2024

In 2024, email scraping tools have become more sophisticated, offering an array of features that cater to diverse needs, from sales prospecting to market research. Regardless of if you're a small business owner, a marketing professional, or part of a large enterprise, having the right email scraper in your toolkit can dramatically help your outreach efforts.

But with a myriad of options available, how do you choose the best tool for your specific requirements? And more importantly, how do you navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding email scraping?

So, whether you're looking to enhance your lead generation efforts, build an email list, or simply stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing practices, you're in the right place to learn about the ins and outs:

Does email scraping still work?

The question of relevance is always paramount – no one wants to invest time and money into something that’s obsolete.

So, does email scraping still hold its ground in 2024? The simple answer is a resounding yes

Despite the prevalence of social media and other forms of direct communication, email remains a staple in professional and personal communication, making the practice of email scraping as relevant as ever.

Why It works:

  • Precision and relevance: Modern email scrapers can filter through the noise to find the email addresses most relevant to your business needs, directing you to the right audience.

  • Efficiency at scale: Manually collecting email addresses is a time-consuming process with a high margin for error. Email scraping tools automate this process, allowing you to compile large lists of leads in a fraction of the time.

  • Cost-effective lead generation: Compared to other lead generation methods, email scraping offers a cost-effective solution. With the right tool, businesses can generate a high volume of leads without a significant investment.

Despite its advantages, email scraping faces its share of challenges, including changing data privacy laws and varying website policies. 

However, the best email scraping tools of 2024 are designed to navigate these challenges adeptly, incorporating features that respect privacy laws and website terms of use.

Is email scraping legal?.

The legality of email scraping hinges on several factors: the source of the email addresses, the methods used to collect them, and the adherence to privacy laws and regulations.

Let's unpack these considerations to provide more clarity.

  • Public vs. private information: Generally, scraping email addresses that are publicly available on the Internet falls into a gray area, but is often considered permissible. The legality becomes murky when the data is private or protected by website terms of service or user agreements.

  • Respecting website terms of service: Many websites explicitly prohibit scraping in their terms of service. Using automated tools to extract email addresses from such sites could breach these terms, leading to potential legal consequences.

  • Data privacy laws: Legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States have strict rules on how personal data, including email addresses, can be collected, processed, and used.

The key to using email scraping tools legally and ethically lies in respecting privacy laws, adhering to website terms, and prioritizing the consent of the individuals whose data you're collecting.

How to choose an email scraping tool

With a myriad of options available, discerning which tool aligns with your business objectives, legal considerations, and budget can be challenging.

Here’s some guidance on what to take into account when making a choice.

Understand your needs and objectives

Are you focusing on B2B lead generation, or do you require a tool for broad market research? Some tools are highly focused and a large investment, while others are a simple browser extension.

Diving into a subscription for all the bells and whistles, only to find you don’t need them all and are now out a bunch of money would be a shame – so make sure you have a full grasp of what you want.

Understanding the scope of your email marketing strategy will help narrow down the tools that are most suitable for your goals.

Evaluate features and capabilities

Different tools offer various features that cater to diverse requirements. Consider these key points:

  • Integration with platforms: Tools that integrate with LinkedIn, CRM systems, and other platforms can make your work much easier.

  • Accuracy and verification: Opt for tools that not only find email addresses but also verify them to get high deliverability rates.

  • Customization and scalability: The ability to customize search parameters and scale your efforts according to your growth will prevent you from having to shop around again.

  • Ease of use: A user-friendly interface can help reduce the learning curve and improve team adoption rates.

Assess pricing and value for money

Pricing structures for email scraping tools vary widely, from free plans with basic functionalities to premium plans with advanced features.

Assess the pricing in relation to the features offered and determine the tool's value for money based on your budget and expected ROI.

Consider tools that offer flexible pricing plans that can scale with your business needs.

Read reviews and testimonials

Gather insights from other users by reading reviews and testimonials. Learning about the experiences of others is the best way to learn more about the tool's reliability, customer support, and real-world effectiveness.

Many tools offer free trials or limited free plans, allowing you to take them for a test drive before committing to a purchase.

Top 10 Email Scraping Tools

With so many options available, finding the ideal email scraping tool that fits best with your business needs, legal considerations, and budget can be hard. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you – read on to find your perfect fit!

1. RocketReach

RocketReach stands out for its massive database and the ability to quickly find email addresses and contact information across various industries. 

Want to scale your outreach and soar to new heights? That’s what RocketReach does best.

Main features

  • AI algorithm: Finds profiles that most closely match your search criteria quickly and easily.

  • Integration: Easily integrates with LinkedIn, Salesforce, and other CRM tools.

  • List building and email verification: Easily build a clean email list and export it for future use – includes emails and phone numbers.


  • Starter plan at $53/month

  • Pro plan at $179/month

  • Ultimate plan at $359/month

Pros and cons



Extensive database

High price point

High accuracy of contact information

 Limited features on the Starter plan

Chrome extension for more efficient use

2. Octoparse

Octoparse is a user-friendly, no-code solution designed for extracting web data, including email addresses. Octoparse is best for businesses of all sizes looking to automate data collection without extensive technical knowledge.

Main features

  • User-friendly: No-code interface suitable for non-technical users.

  • AI scraping and automation: Provides tips and ultra fast scraping.

  • Customization: Allows for customized scraping tasks to meet specific needs, like solving CAPTCHAs.


  • Free plan available

  • Standard plan at $75/month

  • Professional plan at $249/month

Pros and cons



No-code solution

Advanced features require paid plans

Pre-built templates for ease of use

Only for Windows

Free plan and free trial

High cost for smaller businesses is a specialized tool for B2B companies, designed to simplify the process of finding and verifying business email addresses directly from LinkedIn profiles and company websites.

Main features

  • LinkedIn integration: Directly scrape emails from LinkedIn.

  • Email verification: Checks the accuracy and validity of collected emails.

  • Bulk search: Allows for mass email collection and verification.


  • Free plan available

  • Starter plan at €39/month

  • Seeker plan at €99/month

  • Global plan at €299+/month

Pros and cons



Direct LinkedIn integration and Chrome extension

Free plan has limited functions

High accuracy with email verification

Primarily suited for B2B applications

Supports bulk operations

4. Email Extractor

Email Extractor, a  is a straightforward Chrome extension that excels in simplicity, letting users extract email addresses from the web page they are currently viewing with a single click.

Main features

  • Domain finding: Search for all emails associated with a specific domain.

  • AutoVisit and AutoSave: Automatically visits websites and saves emails it finds. 

  • Export capabilities: Allows for easy export of collected emails to CSV.


  • Free to use!

Pros and cons



Easy to use with one-click operation

Limited to extracting emails from current web page

Integrates with Chrome for convenience

Lacks advanced features like bulk search or verification

5. VoilaNorbert

VoilaNorbert is praised for its precision in finding and verifying email addresses, making it an excellent choice for marketers and sales teams focused on accuracy and efficiency.

Main features

  • High accuracy: Uses advanced algorithms for precise email verification.

  • Bulk verification: Offers the capability to verify large volumes of email addresses.

  • Integration: Pairs with popular tools like Zapier for better workflow automation.


  • Valet plan at $49/month

  • Butler plan at $99/month

  • Advisor plan at $249/month

  • Counselor plan at $499/month

Pros and cons



Chrome extension for easy use (pay-as-you-go)

Some users report ‘verified’ emails are invalid

Offers bulk verification

Some report incomplete data crawling

Integrates with major platforms for streamlined workflows offers a versatile suite of tools designed for cold outreach and lead generation. It’s a great pick for sales teams and marketers who aim to automate and optimize their email campaigns.

Main features

  • Email finder and verifier: Quickly find and verify email addresses.

  • Email drip campaigns: Automate follow-up emails with a built-in drip campaign feature.

  • Deliverability check and warm-up features: Scope out your email deliverability and warm you inbox for better deliverability rates.


  • Free plan with limited credits

  • Starter plan at $39/month

  • Pro plan at $99/month

  • Managed Service plan at $3,999/month

Pros and cons



Full toolset for email outreach

Free plan is limited in credits and features

Built-in automation for drip email campaigns

Pricing can escalate with extensive use

Easy CRM integration

7. Wiza

Wiza is a powerful LinkedIn lead generation tool that converts any LinkedIn Sales Navigator search into a clean list of verified emails, ready for outreach. It’s particularly effective for sales professionals looking to harness LinkedIn’s network.

Main features

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration: Extracts leads directly from LinkedIn searches.

  • Email verification: Checks the accuracy of emails on your new list.

  • Cloud-based scraping: Wiza runs in the background, allowing you to focus on other tasks.


  • Free plan for small-time email finding

  • Email plan at $99/month/user

  • Email + Phone plan $199/month/user

Pros and cons



Direct integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Phone numbers not included in basic plan

High accuracy with email verification

Primarily focused on LinkedIn, which may not suit all needs

Convenient export options

8. GetProspect Email Finder

GetProspect Email Finder is a hefty tool for finding business emails and building lead lists. It’s designed to streamline the process of lead generation for B2B companies with its large database and advanced search features.

Main features

  • B2B database search: Access a vast database of business contacts.

  • LinkedIn integration: Find emails directly from LinkedIn profiles.

  • Other email tools: API, cold email tool, Chrome extension, email verification, and more.

Pricing (annual subscription)

  • Free plan with limited searches

  • Starter plan at $49/month

  • Growth plan at $99+/month depending on volume

Pros and cons



Easy to use and navigate

Free plan has limited capabilities

Efficient bulk search and verification

Some report false data

LinkedIn integration for easier lead generation

9. ContactOut

ContactOut offers a specialized approach for recruiters and sales professionals to uncover email addresses on LinkedIn, presenting a solution that blends well with the platform's professional networking capabilities.

Main features

  • Dual-layer verification: Employs a dual-layer verification process for every email address it discovers for a higher accuracy rate.

  • Extensive database access: One of the industry's most comprehensive databases, with email addresses and phone numbers that are not typically visible on LinkedIn profiles.

  • Email campaign tools: Great toolset for fully handling your campaigns.


  • Free limited plan available

  • Sales plan at $99/month

  • Recruiter plan price available upon request



High accuracy of email addresses, significantly reducing bounce rates

The free version offers limited daily searches

Easy export of data to CRM and other marketing tools

Details about the premium plans' pricing are not readily available on the website

Works directly within LinkedIn, allowing for an efficient workflow

10. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a massive toolset that, in part, provides detailed business profiles, allowing for precise targeting and segmentation in email marketing campaigns. It’s ideal for enterprises and companies looking for in-depth market insights.

Main features

  • AI-powered tools: ZoomInfo provides AI-powered features for automated prospecting and enrichment.

  • Real-time alerts: You can get real-time alerts related to any of your accounts.

  • Wide range of capabilities: Subsets of tools for marketing, operations, talent, and sales.


  • Custom pricing based on the scope of use and features required

Pros and cons



Rich and detailed B2B database

High cost, particularly for small businesses

Advanced targeting capabilities

Custom pricing requires a quote process

Integration with marketing and sales platforms

Each of these tools offers unique strengths and features designed to suit various email scraping needs. Whether you're focused on B2B lead generation, beefing up your email marketing campaigns, or simply seeking to expand your contact list, there's a tool that aligns with your objectives.

Top 5 Email Scraping Tools for Social Media

Social media platforms are rich sources of potential leads for businesses across various industries. But, some tools are better suited for specific platforms than others.

Want to scrape on a specific social media site? We’ve got you covered.

Best email scraping tool for Facebook

PhantomBuster stands as a comprehensive cloud-based automation tool designed to help lead generation and data extraction. It specializes in extracting detailed member information from Facebook groups.

Main features

  • Extensive data extraction: Capable of extracting up to 5,000 members from any single Facebook group you are a member of.

  • Broad platform support: While it excels with Facebook groups, PhantomBuster also offers automation solutions for other platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Workflow automation: Automates repetitive tasks across social networks, such as auto-following, messaging, and post scraping.


  • 14 day free trial

  • Starter plan at $69/month

  • Pro plan at $159/month

  • Team Plan at $439/month



Data extraction capabilities from Facebook groups and other social platforms.

Pricing can be steep as requirements grow

Cloud-based operation for reliability

Learning curve to fully utilize all features and create effective automation workflows.

Best email scraping tool for X/Twitter

Tweetscrape is a cloud-based tool designed to capture a wide range of data from X/Twitter profiles, including tweets, followers, likes, and, most crucially, email addresses embedded in tweet metadata or profile descriptions. 

Main features

  • Advanced X/Twitter scraping: Delivers comprehensive data extraction capabilities.

  • Cloud-based efficiency: Operates entirely in the cloud, ensuring data extraction processes are uninterrupted and do not rely on local resources.

  • Customizable searches: Users can refine their searches based on keywords, hashtags, and user profiles.


  • 300 emails for free

  • Basic plan at $57/month

  • Starter plan at $97/month

  • Business plan at $217/month



User-friendly interface.

Focused solely on Twitter, which may necessitate the use of additional tools.

Cloud-based operation ensures reliability and scalability.

May require customization for optimal results

Targeted lead generation through email discovery from Twitter profiles.

Best email scraping tool for Instagram

IG Email Extractor is a specialized Chrome extension for finding public email addresses from Instagram profiles. It's designed to help businesses target Instagram users by collecting emails for outreach and marketing campaigns.

Main features

  • Profile data extraction: Gathers emails, biographies, and contact numbers from profiles.

  • Bulk search capabilities: Allows the extraction of data from multiple profiles simultaneously.

  • Export functionality: Allows users to export collected data to Excel xlsx/CSV files for easy management.


  • Free to use

Pros and cons



Directly targets Instagram for email collection

Some report their Instagram accounts were deactivated

Offers bulk extraction and easy data export

Some users report problems with functionality

User-friendly, even for those new to email scraping

Best Email Scraping Tool for Reddit

Bright Data (formerly Luminati) stands out as a versatile web scraping tool, offering powerful solutions for extracting data from Reddit. It's suited for businesses looking to monitor trends, conduct market research, or engage in direct outreach.

Main features

  • Great scraping capabilities: Extracts posts, comments, and user profiles.

  • Adaptable to site changes: Automatically adjusts its crawler code to accommodate Reddit's site updates.

  • Scalable: Offers the ability to collect vast amounts of data quickly.


  • Custom pricing based on usage

  • Free trial available

Pros and cons



Highly adaptable and scalable

Custom pricing may be complex for some users

24/7 support

Requires some technical know-how to maximize features

Offers a free trial to test capabilities

Best email scraping tool for LinkedIn

Saleshandy Connect is a dynamic Chrome extension that aids businesses in prospecting leads and tracking emails more effectively. Its primary function as a LinkedIn email scraper gives users the quick construction of potential lead lists directly from LinkedIn profiles.

Main features

  • Simple use: Effortlessly find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

  • Email tracking: Get real-time notifications on email opens and link clicks.

  • Free to use: Provides a powerful set of features at no cost, making it accessible to all businesses.


  • Completely free!

Pros and Cons:



Free to use with a complete set of features

Primarily focused on LinkedIn, which may not fit all outreach strategies

Includes email tracking for better engagement insights

User-friendly, requiring minimal setup


Email scraping tools, when used ethically and in compliance with legal standards, can give a massive leg up to your lead generation efforts, streamline your outreach strategies, and ultimately, contribute to your business growth.

Each tool highlighted offers unique features designed to meet specific needs, from deep dives into social media platforms to broad sweeps across the web. Whether you're a small business owner, a marketer, or a sales professional, these tools can provide you with a competitive edge by efficiently building a targeted list of prospects.


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