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15 Best Cold Email Templates in 2024

Updated: Jun 18

Let’s face it, cold emails often get a bad rap.

Maybe you automatically sent some straight to the spam folder because they felt too pushy or irrelevant.

Or maybe the email's true value was lost in a sea of text that felt more like a desperate plea than a professional introduction.

Still, cold emailing remains a powerful tool in the arsenal of any savvy marketer or salesperson. Done right, it’s a game-changer.

Successful cold emails have a few things in common. They capture attention, deliver value upfront, and feel personalized to the recipient.

It's this kind of cold email that breaks the mold and transforms potential leads into engaged conversations.

Ready to see a significant uptick in your open and response rates?

To save you time from learning how to write a cold email from scratch, we’ve put together some templates you can use for better engagement and potentially landing your dream clients.

cold email templates

3 simple steps for writing a successful cold email

Before you even start to think about writing a cold email, you should have a solid grasp on cold email meaning and understand that crafting an effective cold email is an art form that requires precision and strategy.

Successful cold emails cut through the noise by being meticulously tailored to meet the interests and needs of the recipient.

They build a bridge and set the stage for a productive dialogue that can lead to business opportunities and valuable partnerships.

Here's how you can optimize your cold email efforts in three straightforward steps to ensure your message not only reaches but also engages effectively with your potential clients.

a) Research your client

Understanding your recipient is the first (and perhaps most important) step in any successful cold email strategy.

You should always start by digging deep into your client’s business environment and personal pain points.

This could mean analyzing their recent social media activities, exploring discussions on industry-specific forums, or keeping up with the latest sector news.

Developing detailed buyer personas will also help you tailor your message more effectively.

Whether your recipient is a startup enthusiast, a B2B SaaS user, or someone who might find a case study or a webinar invitation useful, knowing these details enables you to craft an email that addresses their specific needs and challenges.

The goal here is to make your email as relevant and engaging as possible.

b) Write a very short and to-the-point email

Brevity is key in cold emailing.

Your email should quickly and clearly explain how your solution fits into the recipient's world, beginning with the email hook.

Avoid clutter and focus on what matters most—how you can solve their problems or help them achieve their goals.

Your email should also clearly explain why your offer is valuable and what sets you apart from others.

When concluding, make sure to leave a strong, lasting impression that makes them want to engage further.

This approach not only respects the recipient's time but also increases the likelihood of a favorable response.

c) Include a strong CTA

Your CTA is crucial—it directs the recipient towards the next step you want them to take.

Effective CTAs are clear, compelling, and provide a tangible benefit.

When creating your CTA, consider what you expect the recipient to do next and how you can make this step obvious and attractive.

Whether it’s scheduling a demo, registering for a webinar, or simply replying to your email, your CTA should be straightforward and highlight the benefits of taking action.

This strategic prompt is what turns a recipient from a passive reader into an active participant.

Key elements of an effective CTA:

  • Visibility: Make sure that your CTA stands out visually. Use buttons or hyperlinks that catch the eye.

  • Clarity: Use action-oriented language that leaves no doubt about what you want the recipient to do.

  • Brevity: Keep it short and sweet. Long, drawn-out CTAs can dilute their effectiveness.

  • Urgency: Create a sense of urgency or scarcity. Phrases like "limited spots available" or "offer expires soon" can increase conversion rates.

  • Value Proposition: Clearly state what’s in it for them - especially in your email subject lines. Highlight the immediate benefit they will receive.

Top 15 cold email templates

Writing a standout cold email takes a blend of creativity and strategic thinking.

To guide you through this process, we've put together 15 cold email templates designed to make your cold email outreach efforts more impactful and help you connect with potential clients more effectively:

Keep in mind that these templates are just starting points.

You should customize them to fit the tone of your brand and the specifics of the recipient to increase your chances of getting a response and building valuable business relationships.

1. Link Building Email Template

This template is specifically designed for SEO professionals and content marketers looking to expand their backlink profile.

Use it to reach out to other website owners or bloggers to suggest a mutual benefit through link exchange.

The goal is to establish a connection by showing genuine interest and appreciation for their work, and then introducing your content as a valuable resource for their audience.

Subject: Great insights on [insert topic]!

Hi [name],

I recently came across your article on [insert topic] and was particularly impressed by your in-depth analysis of [insert specific part]. It really resonated with me and my work!

I'm [your name], and I’ve written a comprehensive piece on [relevant topic], which I believe complements your article beautifully. It covers [briefly describe what your article offers] and could provide additional value to your readers.

Considering the quality resources you’ve recommended, I thought my article might be a valuable addition. Would you consider linking to it in your post? In return, I’d be thrilled to share your article with my audience of [describe your reach, e.g., thousands of subscribers, a dedicated follower base].

Thanks for considering my request, and great job once again on your insightful work!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

This template ensures that your outreach is personalized, respectful, and mutually beneficial, which significantly increases the chances of getting a positive response.

2. Cold Sales Email Template

Sales email template is perfect for initiating contact with potential customers who might benefit from your products or services.

It focuses on addressing a specific pain point, offering a solution, and inviting further communication.

Subject: Ready to tackle [specific pain point] once and for all?

Hi [Name],

I’m [Your Name] with [Your Company], where we specialize in [brief description of your service/product]. I noticed you’re active in the [industry], and I wonder, does [specific pain point] sound familiar to you?

We've helped similar companies achieve [specific benefit], and I believe we can do the same for you. To give you an idea, here’s a free guide on how we've effectively tackled [pain point]: [link].

Could this approach be what you're looking for? If so, I’d love to discuss how we can tailor it to fit your needs. Are you up for a quick call this week to explore further?

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

3. Business Collaboration Email Template

This template is ideal for reaching out to potential partners.

It helps establish a connection based on mutual interests and potential benefits.

Subject: Let’s explore a partnership, [Name]!

Hi [Name],

I’ve been following your work at [Their Company] for a while now, especially your efforts in [mention a specific achievement or project]. Impressive!

I’m reaching out because I believe there’s a great opportunity for us to collaborate. My recent partnership with [previous collaborator] resulted in [quantifiable benefit], and I see a similar potential for us.

Here are a couple of ideas on how we might work together:

[Idea 1: Brief description]

[Idea 2: Brief description]

I’d love to get your thoughts on this and hear any ideas you might have as well.

Could we jump on a call this week to discuss this further?


[Your Name]

4. Follow-up Email Template

A gentle nudge can often make all the difference in progressing a conversation.

This cold email follow-up template is designed to re-engage a contact after an initial discussion.

Subject: Quick follow-up from [Your Name] at [Your Company]

Hi [Name],

I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been thinking about our last conversation regarding [reference the topic discussed] and how [Your Company] can help resolve [reiterate the pain point].

I’d love to pick up where we left off and answer any new questions you might have. How does [day] at [time] work for your schedule?

Looking forward to your thoughts!


[Your Name]

5. B2B Email Template

B2B email template is ideal for addressing specific challenges that a prospective company may be facing.

It’s tailored to offer a direct solution that your product or service can solve, establishing a strong base for a business conversation.

Subject: Facing [Specific Problem] at [Company Name]?

Hello [First Name],

I've noticed that many in [their industry] grapple with [pain point], which often leads to [consequence or statistic]. Does this sound familiar to you at [Prospect's Company]?

Fortunately, [Your Product/Service] is crafted to not just address this issue but to also improve [mention a key benefit]. We have successfully helped businesses like yours, and I’m confident we can achieve the same results for [Prospect's Company].

Are you open to a brief call next week to discuss this further? I would be happy to share how we can deliver [specific positive outcome] for you.


[Your Name]

6. Introduction Email Template

Use this template when you're trying to get your foot in the door at a target company by asking for the right point of contact.

It’s casual yet precise, making it effective for establishing initial contact without being too pushy.

Subject: Quick intro request

Hi [First Name],

I’m [Your Name] from [Your Company]. We've been helping businesses like [a well-known client] achieve [specific result or benefit], and I believe [Prospect's Company] could greatly benefit as well.

Could you direct me to the person responsible for [relevant department or area] so we can explore a potential collaboration?

Thanks a lot,

[Your Name]

7. Cold Email Opener Template

This template is perfect for engaging potential clients by identifying a common ground or a competitor’s product they are using, and highlighting what sets your service apart.

Subject: Curious about your experience with [Competitor’s Product]

Hi [Name],

I stumbled upon [Prospect’s Company] online and saw you use [Competitor’s Product]. How’s it working out for you? At [Your Company], we offer a similar service but with [key differentiator, such as more features, better pricing, enhanced support].

I’d love to get your take on our solution and discuss if there’s room for improvement over what you’re currently using. Could we schedule a quick call this week to chat? Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning perhaps?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[Your Name]

8. Cold Prospecting Email Template

This template aims to build a partnership where both parties can benefit from each other's audience.

It's about mutual growth and networking.

This approach facilitates productive discussions and potential collaborations by focusing on shared goals and complementary strengths.

Subject: Collaboration Opportunity?

Hey [Name],

I’m [Your Name] from [Your Company]. I noticed that [Prospect’s Company] and we share a similar audience but not in a competing manner. We recently partnered with [Competitor] which resulted in a significant boost for both parties.

I believe there’s a great opportunity for us to collaborate and expand our reach collectively. Could you connect me with [Person You Want to Reach], or perhaps we could jump on a quick call to discuss this further?

Thanks for considering,

[Your Name]

9. Testimonial Email Template

This template is primarily used to gather positive feedback from satisfied customers, which can be helpful in enhancing your brand's credibility and attracting new customers.

Subject: We’d Love Your Feedback, [Customer Name]!

Hello [Customer Name],

I hope this message finds you well! At [Your Company], we continually strive to enhance our [Product/Service] and ensure our customers are satisfied. Could you share your experiences by providing a testimonial? Your feedback not only helps us improve but also assists others in making informed decisions about our offerings.

As a thank you, we’d be delighted to offer you a [discount/freebie]. Just let us know once your testimonial is ready, and we’ll make arrangements for your reward.

Thank you for being a valued customer, and we look forward to your insights!

Warm regards,

[Your Signature]

10. Job Application Cold Email Template

Use this template to clearly present your skills and enthusiasm for a position, increasing your chances of landing a job interview.

Subject: Enthusiastic Applicant for [ROLE] - [Your Name]

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the [ROLE] recently advertised. With [NUMBER] years of experience in [SKILL], [SKILL], and [SKILL], I bring a track record of achieving [SPECIFIC GOALS], which aligns closely with the goals at [Company Name].

I am particularly impressed by [Something specific about the company or its projects], and I am eager to bring my expertise in [FIELD/SKILL] to your team.

Could we possibly schedule a discussion this week to explore how I can contribute to your team? I will follow up on [DAY] but feel free to reach out anytime that suits you.

Looking forward to the possibility of working together.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

11. Cold Email Template for Recruiters

Recruiters can use this template to approach potential candidates who might be interested in a new career opportunity.

Subject: Is It Time for a New Challenge, [Name]?

Hi [Name],

I’ve been following your progress at [Current Company], and your expertise in [Field/Skill] really stands out. I’m [Your Name], a [Your Title] at [Your Company], and we are on the lookout for talented individuals to join our [Department/Project Team].

We’re offering [Brief description of the job role], and I believe that your background would be a perfect fit. If you’re open to exploring new opportunities, could we set up a call next week to discuss this further?

I’m looking forward to the possibility of you joining our dynamic team.

Best regards,

[Your Signature]

Warm-up email template

12. Warm-up email template

This template is perfect for initiating contact by referencing specific achievements or data points related to the recipient, personalizing the approach.

Subject: [Prospect’s Name], your insights on [Industry] trends?

Hi [Prospect’s Name],

I recently came across your impressive [Report/Article] on [Topic] and your thorough analysis really sparked my interest. Given your expertise and our current work at [Your Company] in [Relevant Field], I believe there’s a great opportunity for us to discuss potential collaborations.

We’ve also compiled some intriguing findings from our latest market research that aligns with your work, and I’d love to get your perspective on it.

Could we schedule a brief call next week to exchange ideas and explore ways we could work together to drive industry innovations?

Looking forward to your response,

[Your Name]

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13. Referral cold email template

This template is designed for reaching out to a contact to either directly engage them or to get a referral to someone who can make decisions about using your product or service.

Subject Line: Quick Favor?

Hi [First Name],

I hope this message finds you well. We’ve just rolled out a new feature at [Your Company] that simplifies [Explain Benefit]. It’s already enhancing [Specific Result] for companies like [Target Customer Type].

I’m reaching out to see if you handle this type of decision-making at [Prospect’s Company]? If not, could you direct me to the right person? I’d greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks for your time,

[Your Name]

14. Event Cold Email Template

Use this template to connect with someone who has recently experienced a significant company event like a merger or product launch.

Subject Line: Impressive Milestone, [First Name]!

Hello [First Name],

Congratulations on [describe the event]! I noticed your success in [mention any relevant publication or news], and it’s truly impressive how [describe impact or achievement].

With the buzz from [Event], it’s an ideal time to also growth your [Related Service/Value You Provide]. I understand things might be hectic, but I would love to discuss how we could support [Prospect’s Company] during this exciting phase.

Could we schedule a quick call next week to discuss this further? I’m available [Mention Times], or you can pick a convenient time directly on my calendar here: [Link to Calendar].


[Your Name]

15. Short Cold Email Template

This short template is perfect for sparking curiosity and directly proposing the value of your service or product.

It quickly captures the recipient's interest and encourages immediate engagement with your offer.

Subject Line: Let’s Boost [Prospect’s Company’s] Efficiency!

Hi [First Name],

I came across [Prospect’s Company] while [how you found them], and your work in [Field/Industry] caught my eye. At [Your Company], we’ve developed tools that help teams like yours increase [Specify Benefit] by [Specific Figure or Percentage].

I’d love to discuss how we can achieve similar results for you. Are you available for a call [Suggest Date and Time]? You can also schedule directly via [Link to Calendar].

Looking forward to connecting,

[Your Name]


Mastering the art of the cold email is a crucial skill in today's business environment.

Whether you’re looking to forge new business relationships, propose collaborations, or simply increase your sales, the right email template can open doors that were previously shut.

The 15 templates outlined in this article offer a diverse range of approaches, from engaging potential clients with personalized pitches to re-engaging past sales prospects with strategic follow-ups.

Each template is created to capture attention and create an opening for meaningful dialogue.

Remember, the key to successful cold emailing lies in customization and personalization.

It's not enough to simply fill in the blanks.

You need to adapt each template to reflect your unique understanding of the recipient's needs and challenges, as well as the specific value you can offer.

This tailored approach will help your emails stand out in crowded inboxes and increase your chances of getting a response.

Additionally, these templates can serve as a starting point for crafting a cold email sequence.

Let these templates be your guide, but always be ready to innovate and adapt to meet the ever-changing dynamics of your industry and audience.

Happy emailing!


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