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New Gmail Update: How Warmup Inbox Can Help You Lower Your Spam Rate?

Updated: Mar 11

Google recently announced new rules for Gmail users to limit spam.

Among the new rules, there are strict thresholds for spam report rates:

  • Aim to keep your spam rate below 0.10%.

  • Avoid a spam rate of 0.30% or higher, especially for any sustained period.

This is a really strict threshold. Yahoo also implemented similar threshold.

The threshold only applies to emails sent to Gmail. Emails sent to Google Workspace Inbox do not count in the computation of this spam threshold.

If you are targeting a B2B audience you can therefore avoid the issue by filtering out Gmail email addresses from your data.

But if you are targeting a B2C audience this rule is hard to comply with. If you are a recruiter for example, you will most likely be dealing with candidates who use gmail.

If you send 100 emails per day with only one spam report, this brings you up to a 1% spam report rate.

Even with only one spam report in a week, you will still end up with a 0.2% spam rate (assuming that you send 100 emails per workday), which is above the target of 0.1%.

It will be hard to maintain good email deliverability with the new rules.

Thankfully, Warmup Inbox can help you out. All warmup emails sent by the tool will be marked as nonspam.

With the Pro plan, you will be able to send 250 warmup emails per day. Those warm emails are guaranteed to not be reported as spam.

That will change the stats for the better.

Let’s go back to our example of 100 emails per workday: If you get one spam report in the week your spam report rate will be only 0.08% instead of 0.2%.

That will bring you below the 0.1% target requested by Google.

If you want to be extra secure, you can use Warmup Inbox’s Max plan, which sends 1000 warmup emails per day.

So one spammed email per week out of 1000 emails per workday will give you a spam report rate of 0.03%.

We know that’s a lot of stats to look at so let’s just share a formula to check your situation.

You have 3 variables to take into account:

  • Nemail: How many emails do you send per day?

  • Srate: What is the spam report rate on those emails?

  • Wemail: How many warmup emails will you send? You can choose from 75 for the Basic plan, 250 for the Pro plan, and 1000 for the Max plan.

Your average spam report rate will be:

If you need more insights into how to maintain your email deliverability, you can get in touch with our expert!


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