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Product Update: Weekly Summary of How Your Inbox Is Performing

Updated: Mar 23

You already know why warming up your inbox is crucial for successful email campaigns.

And if you're using Warmup Inbox, you're already on the right track, ensuring that your emails don't end up in spam folders and fostering better engagement with your recipients.

With this new feature, you will now also have access to stats that provide you with insights to better gauge and optimize your email outreach.

It's an invaluable tool to see whether your current strategies are working or if tweaks and changes are in order.

Weekly Statistics Overview

The weekly stats are based on the emails Warmup Inbox sends on your behalf in order to warm up your inbox.

The number of emails sent depends on your plan:





Email per day




You will get the following weekly stats:

  • Emails sent: total number of warmup emails sent

  • Emails in inbox: number of emails that landed in the primary inbox

  • Emails in spam: number of emails that landed in the spam folder

  • Emails in promotions: number of emails that landed in the promotion tab

Warmup Inbox also computes a “Warmup Inbox weekly score,” which summarizes your overall email deliverability.

This score is an indicator of how well your emails are being received and whether they're reaching their intended recipients.

What is a good score?

How can you improve your deliverability scores?

There are a few best practices to follow, such as avoiding spammy wording and regularly cleaning up and verifying your email list to avoid bounces.

For more details, check out these blog posts:

If your delivery score has dropped, consider upgrading to a higher Warmup Inbox plan.

This gives you access to more advanced features and greater email send limits, ensuring that you can improve your delivery score quickly.

How to maintain a good score?

If your score is above 80, congratulations!

Maintaining a consistent email engagement ensures that your reputation remains intact.

However, you should make sure to maintain your score.

First of all, you want to make sure you are avoiding hard bounces with your email campaign, as a hard bounce could negatively affect your sender’s reputation really quickly.

For more insights, check out our comprehensive blog post on this topic:

Next, you want to keep on warming up your inbox even if you have a score above 80.

Your sender reputation can degrade really quickly if few people report you as spam.

So if you are actively running cold outreach, it is recommended to run email warmup services constantly, it is a concept called CPEE (Consistent Positive Email Engagement).


Start landing in more inboxes. 
Use Warmup Inbox to improve your sender reputation and increase your deliverability.

No credit card needed!

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