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Suomispam Reputation Blacklist: What Is It and How To Remove Yourself From It?

Updated: Jun 13

The level of spam sent in Finnish has significantly increased over the years, which is why the Suomispam Reputation Blacklist was created.

In this article, we will take a look at:

Suomispam Reputation Blacklist

What is The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist?

The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist is a blacklist that flags IP Addresses who send spam in the Finnish language.

The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist is a spam-based blacklist, meaning single IP Addresses or entire ranges can land on the list. A few examples of spam messages may be malware filled emails or unsolicited bulk emails.

This blacklist is unique because it doesn't automatically block spam. Instead it simply provides a list of IP Addresses who are guilty of sending spam in the Finnish language. The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist publishes that information and allows the public to do what they please with it.

Why Was I Listed On The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist?

The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist has four categories:

  • spam source

  • spamvertized site

  • escalation

  • suspicious

Spam sources are listed because they are sending unsolicited bulk email or emails that contain spam.

Spamvertised sites are those who outsource their spamming campaigns to others. In turn, The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist will list the sender, the redirectors, and the target sites.

Escalation: The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist uses escalation when the spam volume and activity is exceptionally high.

Suspcicious: The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist uses suspicion tactics when there is reason to believe networks are sending spam campaigns. These tactics alert The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist of a network that they will keep on their radar.

How Can I Remove Myself From The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist?

Being featured on the Suomispam Reputation Blacklist is not an accomplishment. It usually means that you have been caught sending spam, malware, or cyber attacks from an IP Address.

If you have an inkling that you may be listed on the Suomispam Reputation Blacklist, we recommend you to check your IP Address.

There are a few options for requesting removal. You can find out more information here.

Delist Request

If you are attempting to request to be delisted, you must plead your case fully with details and explanations. The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist will not even look at your case if it is not explained in its entirety.

Whitelist Request

The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist does not have a Whitelist. There is a small chance for removal if your entire network is listed. Chances are you’ll need to wait for the spammer to move onto another network before correcting the issue.

Request to delist domain

Users may request for their domains to be delisted if the reason they are listed no longer applies to them. Suomispam Reputation Blacklist recommends the user to check on their site to see if the domain is listed before requesting removal.

How Do I Reduce My Risk Of Getting Onto The Suomispam Reputation Blacklist?

The best way to avoid getting listed on a blacklist is to engage in proper email practices such as...

  • Verify all email addresses before attempting outreach

  • Avoid sending unnecessary emails

  • Avoid the use of spam words within your email drafts

  • Keep your sending volume to a minimum (30-50 a day if your inbox has been warmed up with us for at least 30 days)

Related Terms:

  • IP: An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing

  • Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE): Email sent to a large audience without their consent.

  • SORBS Spam: A blacklist by the Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS) that blocks IP addresses involved in sending spam, phishing, or malware. To delist, users can request removal through the SORBS website.


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