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Features Include

Gmail Integration

Inbox Health Scores

Outlook Integration

Full Sending Control

SMTP Integration

Domain Age Tracking

Blacklist Monitoring

Chat Support

Edit Sending Limits

Inbox Reporting

Prorated Billing

Slow Ramp Up Sending


How many inboxes are in your network?

At any point in time, we have at minimum 15,000+ active inboxes that are in use within our network in order to ensure that everyone who syncs a new email address to our platform will have enough reputable domains to interact with for the lifetime of their subscription. These always active inboxes within our network are a combination of paid customers and internally managed domains/inboxes that we maintain for use exclusively for inbox warming. The domains ages in our networks range from 20 years to a few days old.

How long should I use Warmup Inbox for?

In general, we recommend using Warmup Inbox for at minimum 45-90+ days in order to take full advantage of the benefits that come with warming up an inbox. However, the longer you keep your email address synched to our platform the more reputable your inbox becomes over time, so we recommend keeping your inbox synched up to our platform for as long as you are actively using your inbox.

Is there a limit to the amount of inboxes I can sync to the platform?

Nope! Each Inbox you sync with our platform will cost $9 each. You are only limited by the amount of inboxes you wish to have warmed.

Can you handle IP warming for large outbound sending?

Yes, we can set up SMTP only accounts upon request. These accounts are on our custom plans and will need to be approved on an case by case basis by our support team. Please reach out!

How will I know when my inbox if fully warmed?

Once you sync your inbox with our platform and set your sending schedule, your inbox will be safely warmed up after 30 days of continuous activity. This is the baseline at which it is considered to be safely warmed up by ourselves, but to maintain high deliverability rates we strongly recommend that you keep your inbox synchronized with our platform for as long as the inbox is in use.

Will this work for existing domains with a poor reputation?

Yes! Inbox Warmup will help to reverse the poor reputation of a domain and slowly build it back up to a positive reputation over an extended period of time. The amount of time this can take will vary depending on the domain, but overall our services can help to resurrect dead domains

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Pay as you go with no long term commitments.

(no credit card required)