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How Wishpond Improved Their Email Health

Setting up and using Warmup Inbox was relatively easy. It's become an integral part of our daily workflow, and the inboxing insights by email provider feature is particularly valuable.

Our Customer:           Wishpond


Wishpond, a leading marketing automation solutions provider, presents a complete suite of marketing tools designed to assist business owners in launching their products online and boosting sales.


This renowned company, while proficient in helping business owners simplify and automate their marketing processes, faced a challenge common in the industry – low email deliverability rates.

❌Problem: Low deliverability & missed emails

Because Wishpond has the goal of helping customers achieve their marketing goals, they have many emails to send that provide vital information and offers to their customers.


However, they found that their emails weren’t reaching their intended recipients, resulting in lower engagement and lots of missed opportunities.


That’s where Warmup Inbox came to help.

✅Solution: Improving deliverability score

To address this issue, Wishpond turned to Warmup Inbox, a platform designed specifically for warming up emails and monitoring domain and IP reputations, which are essential to Wishpond's marketing strategies.


The ability to connect emails quickly, without requiring extensive labor or technical skills, made Warmup Inbox an optimal solution for Wishpond.

Warmup Inbox provided the crucial tools necessary for setting up authentication parameters in the host DNS zone. This ensured that Wishpond's emails landed in the right inboxes instead of being marked as spam.


It also offered invaluable insights into inboxing by email provider - a feature that Wishpond found most valuable.


This process of gradually building relationships with their target clients through personalized and value-driven content allowed Wishpond to generate high-quality leads and establish trust with their customers.


Implementing Warmup Inbox proved to be highly effective for Wishpond. They saw an improvement of 10-25% in email deliverability scores after integrating with Warmup Inbox.


Wishpond continues to connect every new email account they create to Warmup Inbox, making it an integral part of their daily workflow.


Wishpond was able to increase their outbound email activity, maintain healthy email accounts, and have messages reach the right inboxes.


Additionally, Wishpond could tailor their use of Warmup Inbox to meet their unique business needs, using both basic and pro plans and different sending schedules.

🧡Customer Feedback:

“Setting up and using Warmup Inbox was relatively easy. It's become an integral part of our daily workflow, and the inboxing insights by email provider feature is particularly valuable. With Warmup Inbox, we've seen a significant improvement in our email deliverability scores."

Melissa Yilaly, Wishpond


The email warming technique provided by Warmup Inbox was pivotal to Wishpond's successful email campaigns.


Warmup Inbox's ease of use and its essential tools for email authentication have allowed Wishpond to improve their email deliverability rates substantially, leading to a high return on investment.


As a marketing solutions provider, Wishpond was able to significantly enhance its business strategy by integrating Warmup Inbox into its daily workflow.


This experience underscores the value of targeted email marketing campaigns and the importance of maintaining a healthy email account.

Do you have some upcoming email campaigns that need a warmup? Don't make the same mistake!

No credit card needed!

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