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Custom Tracking Domain

When setting up an email marketing campaign, the email marketing platform provides a generic tracking domain to track the performance of all emails sent through its servers.

This means that when a reader clicks on any links in the email, such as to unsubscribe, they will see that the links lead to a third party, and not to the brand that sent them the email. And these generic tracking domains are shared by all of the other users on the same marketing platform, making your business also seem more generic.

By using custom tracking domains, you effectively change this by substituting all the marketing platform's generic links with your own personal branded links.

What Are Custom Tracking Domains Used For? 

Custom tracking domains are used to track the success of email campaigns and do it in a personalized way.

They show your email recipients a professional branded domain behind every link that points directly to your website. It also shows that you are serious about marketing your business instead of hiding behind an anonymous subdomain and that you've put the time, effort, and money into personalizing your email campaign.

If you use a custom tracking address, then when someone unsubscribes or wants to manage their subscription, they will see your contact details rather than those of your webmail provider. This is vitally important in preventing more people from marking you as spam and helps build trust between yourself and your subscribers or potential customers.

Why are Custom Tracking Domains Important? 

Increases Trust: If someone receives an email from you, reads it carefully, and decides to take action, they should see your real name or business address everywhere. This promotes trust between yourself and your customers and subscribers rather than making them wonder who is really sending them this email. When you use custom tracking domains, all your tracked links can match your sending email, which gives peace of mind.

Improves Your Branding: Tracking domains provide a professional identity to your email. This is incredibly important if you want to relay your own personal brand and not that of your webmail provider.

Helps Avoid Spam Filters: Custom tracking domains provide visibility into where your emails are coming from, which helps to prevent your emails from being marked as spam. This, in turn, improves deliverability and increases ROI on email marketing campaigns, which is ultimately what you are looking for. 

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