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Laura Clayton is a copywriter with a BA in fiction writing from Columbia College Chicago. From holding a position as a background investigator retained by the United States government, to teaching English, and writing about real estate, Laura has a diverse and varied background.

She has been writing for SaaS companies since 2019 in a wide range of industries.

Currently, she writes for SEO enthusiasts at Mangools, tech and website professionals who want to know more on UptimeRobot, and email marketers who peruse the Warmup Inbox and EmailListVerify blogs.

Her qualifications and experience make her adept at creating content that is compelling, informative, and aligned with bringing readers the most accurate information.

Her goal is to bring the best and most up to date information to email marketing novices and professionals alike, in a way that's both fun to read and easy to understand.

In her personal life, Laura is an avid reader and fan of Stephen King, finding inspiration and enjoyment in his storytelling techniques for her own writing.

Additionally, Laura practices yoga on an amateur level, valuing the physical and mental benefits it offers.

This eclectic blend of interests enriches her life and indirectly contributes to her unique voice in the professional realm

Laura Clayton

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